How it works: Personal Timeline

After you book your BTravel, you will gain access to your own BTravel section. Within it you will find your personal timeline with many countdown timers that will unlock different things. Below you can find an example of how your personal timeline will look like.

Destination reveal

Blindfold Travel personal timeline

BTravel by plane: Destination reveal

Find out your destination when the countdown timer hits 0.
For a BTravel by plane, this will be at the airport.

Blindfold Travel destination reveal

You will have to look for the destination marker to find out your destination on the map that will be shown automatically after the clock hits 0.

Blindfold Travel route reveal

BTravel by car: ROUTE REVEAL

For a BTravel by car it works differently. A day in advance of your departure, the route reveal timer will hit 0... unlocking a map where you will have to find your driving direction which is indicated by a circle. On the day of departure, you will receive your actual destination a few hours after you started driving towards your destination area.

All the info you need

Personal Timeline information

Welcome letter

You can find all the information and details you need in your own Personal Timeline. In the welcome letter, you will receive, among other things, the contact details of your personal agent of which whom you will have direct contact with throughout your BTravel.

Personal Timeline information

Flight information

The flight information will tell you exactly when and where you will have to be to catch your flight. Don't worry about the check-in, we will do this for you. We will also mention here the estimated time of arrival back at home after your BTravel so you are always able to arrange transport back home.


Our job is to worry about the things so that you don't have to. We will ALWAYS make sure you will have enough luggage possibilities for your BTravel. Even if you don't book additional luggage. If you go on a longer trip, you will need additional luggage. If you have not booked it and we can't use your 'extra' budget for it, we will stay in close contact with you to reach a solution.

FLIGHT, Accommodation, extra's

Boarding passes

Your boarding passes will be unlocked for you around 2 hours before your flight. If for example you are required to fill in a PLF form on the airport or that we expect longer expected time needed to get to the gate on the airport, we will sometimes ask you to be there 3 hours before your flight departures.

accommodation voucher

Behind this timer will be your accommodation information. The accommodation will be your base of operations from where you will explore your destination! Take a close look at the information as we will write down any particularities there and parking instructions if you are on a BTravel by car.

Personal timeline extras


If you have given us the power to decide your fate on your destination we will do our best to not disappoint. Depending on your extra budget and your interests, we will send you on a castle tour in Transylvania, a boat trip along the Seine, a helicopter ride over the city of Porto, an escape room in Brussels or something more relaxing like a taxi from the airport to the hotel or public transportation tickets throughout your BTravel. Even if you did not choose extra budget, we will always try to fit in a little extra.


Personal Timeline BTips


For every BTravel, your personal travel agent will develop your very own BTips. Your travel agent picks your destination on the basis of your interests and wishes and then builds a personal itinerary for you that he or she thinks that you will love.

Personal timeline BTIPS

Every destination we choose has a rich history and culture and your BTravel agent will let you know a little about it. Furthermore, he or she will make sure to write down the most important things for you to know about your destination like how to get around with public transport, how to get from the airport to your hotel and back and where to buy tickets. Furthermore, if there is a different currency, he or she will explain its value and where to best get it. Moreover, the BTips articles will describe places to see, which local foods and drinks you must surely taste and where we recommend you to have a dinner.

Personal timeline BTIPS

Share with us your BTips

We ask every BTraveller to share with us their own BTips that we could then implement for the next BTraveller to your destination!


personal timeline hint


You will have several countdown timers that contain hints about your destination. They unlock on different days before your departure.


Your first hint about your destination can be a riddle, a picture, a puzzle or whatever else we come up with for you!


In the second hint we will specify what you will need to bring along with you on your BTravel. For example mountain shoes or swim wear.


The third hint will be a weather forecast about your destination. In this way you won't be surprised with your shorts in a destination where it is 10 degrees.

Bonus hint

Your bonus hint is to surprise your fellow traveller with a message that will unlock when Hint #0 will run out. Your fellow traveller will love it! write down your message during the booking process or tell it to us in a later stage.

Check out our FAQ if you still have questions