Choose your ideal surprise roadtrip. If your roadtrip lasts longer then 3 days, we will send you to multiple destinations. Pick your dates, budget, tell us your preferences and we will start working on your customized surprise citytrip right away. As soon as we have finished preparing your trip, you will gain access to your My BTravel section where we will share with you everything you need about the route to drive, hotel, extra’s and clues about your destination. 

What we arrange for you

  • A destination that is between 2 and 4 hours driving distance. 
  • Departure from the address that you fill in.
  • Based on your budget, we add extras.
  •  Accommodation for all the nights (We only book accommodations that we believe provide the highest quality for your budget and that have a minimum rating of 8/10 on referral sites). Accommodation type depends on your chosen option. 
  • Your personal timeline that among other things will reveal your destination on the day of departure. 

What you have to arrange

  • A valid identity card. 
  • Travel and cancellation insurance.
  • A car. 
  • Tourist tax to be paid on site (sometimes we have paid it if that was possible).
  • Food, drinks and things to do (depends on your ‘extra’ budget). 

Here's how it works

1. Customize your citytrip

Tell us how much you want to spend, your preferences, interests and other details for your surprise citytrip. You won't know your destination until your departure date. 

2. Personal timeline

You will receive your personal timeline with all the information you need...and more... You will have to wait for the countdown timer to hit 0 before finding out your destination. 

3. Pack & GO somewhere

Have you discovered the destination on the basis of the clues we have given you? We hope not but we will tell you what you should pack in your bag on your citytrip. 

Book your BTRAVEL ROADTRIP (All BTravels by car that cross the national border are cancelled until further notice)

You still have questions?