Guarantees & reducing footprint

We have put extra effort in making your trip as safe as possible. Therefore we are registered with third party organisations that control that we are healthy, operate in the best way for our clients and offer consultation between us and you if there are any troubles (just to clarify: this has never happened and we do not intend it to happen). Your happiness is our end goal (read more).


Tourism is something wonderful that brings joy and happiness. However almost every trip comes with its footprint on our dear planet. A BTravel trip is no different and therefore we take a small amount from every booking to put towards a fund that compensates for CO2 emissions. Also, we give useful and easy tips and tricks to our #Blindfoldtravellers to reduce their footprint while travelling with us.

Traveling with Blindfold Travel is secure

GGTO Foundation

With Blindfold Travel, travel is guaranteed thanks to the GGTO Foundation, the Guarantee Fund for specialized travel organizations. Blindfold Travel is affiliated with member number: 1469.

The GGTO Foundation guarantees that you will be reimbursed the entire sum paid for the trip in the event that Blindfold Travel is in a situation of financial incapacity. This could happen before departure, but also during your stay on site. Furthermore, the GGTO Foundation guarantees your return trip if Blindfold Travel, due to financial incapacity, can no longer afford it.

Blindfold Travel will pay a fixed amount of € 15 per booking for all customers to provide this guarantee (shown on your invoice). This will create and maintain the guarantee fund.


We are affiliated with the Association of Small-Scale Travel Agencies (VvKR) with registration number: 18084. VvKR supports the interests of small businesses and its customers. Through collaboration with VvKR we join forces and share our expertise to ensure maximum safety and satisfaction for both Blindfold Travel and the customer.