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Surprise BTravels with Blindfold Travel

Depending on the budget available and your preferences, we will add more or less ‘extra surprises’ to your destination. These ‘extra surprises’ can include activities to do, a transport pass, a museum pass, a romantic dinner, or other surprises that can make your trip more enjoyable!

In principle, there are extras in every trip with a budget greater than 275 €. Remember, if you choose to book in July, the cost for us will be higher than in November. So, if you choose a three-day surprise trip for 325 € in July, there won’t be the same extras as in November for the same amount.

The budget determines the best possible destination, the type of hotel and all the ‘extra surprises’ we are able to add (the larger the budget, the more benefits will be included). It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what you will get for each type of budget as there are many variables involved.
If you plan to leave during the holidays, we recommend that you increase your budget, as it will be more expensive to travel during those times.
For 425 euros per person, in September for example, we can often provide a prime location, a great hotel, transport from the airport to the city / hotel, free city transport and the inclusion of various activities such as visits to museums. We take care of organizing everything that may be useful to you, with the exception of travel insurance.
For any need, the personal travel agent is always at your disposal.

Blindfold Travel organizes personalized trips: if you choose one of our surprise packages with standardized prices you cannot choose where to go, we choose the destination based on your preferences because, within the questionnaire, you can tell us the destinations you absolutely do not intend to visit. If, on the other hand, you want to choose the destination, we can make you a customized quote! Write to info@blindfoldtravel.com indicating the travel dates and the destination you would like to visit and we will send you the quote as soon as possible.

– Have a valid travel document
– Travel and cancellation insurance
– Taxes to be paid locally
– Be at the airport at the appointed time

Your budget determines the destination, the accommodation and all the ‘extra surprises’ we can add. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what you get for each budget difference as there are many variables involved.

The primary factor to keep in mind when choosing your budget is travel dates. If you plan to travel during the holidays, we recommend that you increase your budget as it is more expensive to travel during those times.
Regardless of which budget you choose, we will always book in reliable accommodations.

Once the travel arrangements have been completed, at least 2 weeks before departure, you will receive an e-mail with the link to your My BTravel section. Here you will find your personal timeline with all the information you need and to start preparing for your trip. It includes different countdown timers about your destination, BTips, accommodation, extra’s, clues about your destination and other surprises. 

In case of a BTravel by plane, there will be a timer that grants access to your boarding passes (we will check-in for you).

If there are any unforeseen events (for example, you don’t have internet at the airport), just go to the check-in desk of the airline you are flying with. By showing them your ID, you can receive your boarding pass.

If you are not satisfied with a particular aspect of the trip, please let us know because we want to continuously improve. If there is a significant problem with your flight or hotel, we will do everything we can to fix it.
All destinations are selected by us personally and with great care, based on the answers provided in the questionnaire and they are all destinations that we find exciting. Furthermore, we choose destinations based on popularity, originality and, of course, based on how compatible they may be with your interests. We are sure that in one way or another we will be able to give you an unforgettable trip!

Approximately 2 weeks before departure, you will receive the link to your personal area where you will find our advice on suitable clothing for the destination you are about to go to.

Don’t forget to include your official travel documents such as passport or ID card, health insurance, credit card, etc.

A few days before departure, you will receive the weather forecast so you will know for sure what you need to bring with you.

Of course it is possible! We specialize in organizing surprise trips tailored to your needs. Send an email to info@blindfoldtravel.com with your preferences and your budget and we will contact you personally to see if we can organize your wonderful surprise trip.

We wish we could guarantee it, but mother nature can be quite unpredictable. However, we can choose a location where the chances of sunny weather are higher. In fact, you can set southern Europe as your preference area for a BTravel by plane.

Surprise travels by car

You arrange a car and your bag, we plan the rest. Tell us details like your departure date and whether you want to go for 2 days or 2 weeks. Then, tell us the people that you have chosen to go with you (preferably people you enjoy spending time with because your gonna be stuck with them in the car). If you would like to travel longer then 3 days, then we will send you to multiple destinations. If you like, you can choose between a rural or city destination.

Furthermore, tell us your preferences/hobbies and we will customize your trip accordingly.  Want a breakfast at your hotel? We will arrange it. Want to take your dog with you? We will make sure to pick a dog friendly hotel. A babybed? No problem. Anything else? Just ask! 


A Roadtrip with us is all about having freedom in the mind, not worrying about where you are going and what to do so it can be a well-known or less well-known destination.

Before we pick a destination for you, we will check where you don’t want to go and where you have already been with us. After you have found out your destination, you will unlock your route to drive where we will guide you through interesting locations. We always try to pick a destination that is minimum 2 hours away and maximum 4 hours away. 

A great adventure with no premade master plan on what you must do. Once you have arrived on your final destination, everything is open and see where that takes you. 


While you make the booking you have some options, but regardless of your choice, the accommodation will always be clean and safe. You will always have a private room with a private bathroom inside and with a rating of 8 or higher on reference sites. We will only pick accommodations that we would like to go to personally. You can choose between standard, comfort or excellent accommodations. It will always be a hotel / B&B or appartment. However with the excellent option we could make ‘different’ choices relating to the type of accommodation…You will just have to find out what we mean by that. 

In your personal timeline, 1 week before your departure, one of the clues will tell you the weather forecast of your destination. This will help you pack your bag so you are prepared for your adventure!

In your My BTravel section, your route reveal will reach 0 at your desired time of departure filled in at the booking form. If you want to know the destination in advance, you can send us an e-mail, but you would miss the surprise effect. The discovery destination at the airport is really fun and adrenaline pumping!

Surprise travels by plane

1) Round trip flight to a European city. When planning your flight, we will take into account the time limits and departure date specified in the questionnaire.
2) 1 hand luggage per person; within the questionnaire you can also choose to add checked baggage.
3) Overnight in a carefully chosen hotel. Hotels will be chosen from among those with a rating of 8/10 or higher on reference sites. We pay special attention to hygiene. Also, we will book a hotel in or near the city center. If the hotel is near the city centre, we will make sure that public transportation is arranged very well.  Hotel benefits depend on your budget, but we will never send you to a low quality hotel.
4) Personal timeline containing:
– A countdown timer that will reveal your destination 2 hours before your flight.
– Airport and departure time,
– Flight details and baggage instructions,
– Hints on what to pack and the weather forecast,
– ‘Extra surprises’ for higher than basic budgets,
5) The support of your personal travel agent,
6) Check-in for your go and return flight.
7) A safe and harmless destination.

You will discover your destination 2 hours before departure. When the timer in your personal area reaches 0, it will reveal your destination! If you want to know the destination in advance, you can send us an e-mail, but you would miss the surprise effect. The discovery destination at the airport is really fun and adrenaline pumping!

The idea is a carefree vacation, so we’ll always give you a clear description of how to get from the airport to the hotel. If we manage to make it within the budget, the transfer from the airport to the hotel by taxi, shuttle or public transport ticket will also be included.

Each chosen destination has a good infrastructure for public transport.

All trips take place in Europe. The remoteness of your destination does not always depend on the budget; often, one destination is more expensive than another. An increase in the available budget could direct you to a “more expensive” destination, not necessarily further away.

Do you want a trip outside of Europe? Of course it is possible! We specialize in organizing surprise trips tailored to your needs. Send an email to info@blindfoldtravel.com with your preferences and your budget and we will contact you personally to organize your wonderful surprise trip together.

We guarantee that it will be possible to carry 1 piece of hand luggage per person. We will inform you in the days before departure about the weight limits and maximum dimensions.
Sometimes, airlines allow extra baggage included in the price, but this isn’t always possible, so make sure you pack everything in your hand luggage.
Hold luggage can be included for a supplement of € 50 (if desired) by requesting it during the booking process.

Nowadays all you need is just your travel document: that is, an identity card or passport (valid), don’t worry if you haven’t received your boarding pass. Go to the check-in desk with your ID to receive your boarding pass.

We make the reservation based on the name on the identity document.

The accommodation will always be of good quality. We do not focus on the number of stars but on factors such as room hygiene.
Hotels will be chosen from among those with a rating of 8/10 or higher on the reference sites.

Most of our destinations belong to the European Union, so you can travel without any problem by simply using your valid identity card if you are a citizen of the European Union. Some destinations may also be outside the EU, but in that case we will contact you before booking your flight to find out if you have a valid passport and if not, we will choose an EU destination.

You can travel to the UK without a passport until 1 oktober 2021. From that point on you will need a passport. This implies that we will not send you to the UK if we are not sure that all travellers have a passport.  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/visiting-the-uk-as-an-eu-eea-or-swiss-citizen

In the event of a flight delay or cancellation, we will advise you as soon as we receive this communication. Please proceed to the airline’s helpdesk directly at the airport and request detailed information.  As problems depend on the airline itself and not on Blindfold Travel, only they will be able to update you in real time on any developments.

If it is not a delay caused by a reason beyond the airline (e.g. the weather), you can request a refund and we will initiate the file with the airline.

If the airline cancels the outbound or return flight, or both, the passenger has the following rights:
– If the flight is changed or rescheduled for the next day, the airline must offer passengers accommodation and transportation.
– If the trip has been canceled, the airline is responsible for transferring the passenger to another flight or for returning the ticket.
– The airline must offer passengers food and drinks when the flight is delayed for more than four hours.
When a flight is canceled, airlines are obliged to provide an alternative: if you refuse the alternative provided by the airline, you will have to buy another ticket yourself; then you can contact us to open a refund request.
Blindfold Travel cannot be held responsible for changes or cancellations on flights but if there is anything we can do to help you, we are available.

Modifications and cancellations

Always check that you have filled in everything correctly when booking and make sure your chosen dates are correct. Normally, after payment, it is not possible to change the booking, because we organize flights and hotels as quickly as possible and airlines often have high costs for any changes.
If you need to change anything, please contact us. We will always do our best to find a solution. There may be additional costs, but we will notify you before confirming any changes to your booking.

From the moment you complete your booking by making the payment, we start working on your personalized surprise trip. If for any reason you decide to cancel your trip we will do everything possible to get you a refund, however, this mainly depends on the conditions set by the airline and the hotel. If you decide to cancel your trip, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best. If you have a cancellation insurance policy, remember to contact them too.


If you want to give someone a surprise trip, the perfect solution is to buy a gift voucher or gift card on the dedicated page.
You choose the value starting from a minimum of € 25 up to a maximum of € 2,000. The gift voucher can have one or more people as recipient and you can also enter a personalized message if you wish! Once the purchase is complete, we will start designing your gift voucher and we will send it to you as soon as possible via e-mail in pdf format with some tips for printing. You can also decide to receive it directly to your home or to the recipient of the gift, in paper format, paying only € 10 more!

Your gift voucher graphics will be customized based on the occasion: wedding gift / birthday gift / graduation gift / anniversary gift / Valentine’s Day gift / Christmas gift / Easter gift.

The value of the gift voucher can be deducted from the final amount of the trip by inserting the code shown directly in the “Discount code” field when booking the surprise trip.

The gift voucher can be used only once and cannot be combined with other offers. It is valid for one year from the date of issue.


When booking the surprise trip, at the end of the booking questionnaire, you will find the ‘Discount code’ section: enter the discount coupon and the corresponding discount will be applied.

Absolutely yes, but before filling out the questionnaire you must communicate it to us via e-mail (info@blindfoldtravel.com) so that, based on your preferences and the days of notice, we can agree on the suitable price for your trip, which sometimes it may even be less than the standard budget.

If you need a visa, we will let you know in advance. We will then ask you for more details so that we can provide you with one.
In some countries it is possible to organize this on the spot. We will notify you in advance without revealing the destination.

Booking a trip begins by filling out the questionnaire. On the last page of the questionnaire there is the “Buy” button: the default payment is by bank transfer, but you can also find two other methods to choose from, namely PayPal and Credit Card.
If you choose the bank transfer as a payment method, we will send you, to the e-mail address entered during the booking phase, the invoice containing all the data necessary to make it; by choosing PayPal or Credit Card instead you will be redirected to the PayPal site for payment. Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and we will start working to make you get the most out of your budget and give you an unforgettable surprise trip.

There are no additional costs. If you book a 425 € trip for 2 people, you pay 850 €. Not even a penny more. Remember that tourist taxes must be paid locally as unfortunately, it is not possible to pay them in advance.

And what do we gain? We have included a small amount of the travel tax as a service charge. But rest assured that most of the price of the trip will be invested in the trip itself. As we are specialists in arranging trips effectively to your needs, it could be that we have some budget left. In that case, we have decided that this should come to your benefit. You will see that then, we will add extra’s to your trip that are not included in the price of your trip to always keep a fair product. 

Of course it is possible to travel with children, indeed, they can be our best customers! The great thing about children is that they have no expectations of what a trip should be like, so the surprise for them can be even better!
Children between the ages of 0 and 2 pay € 50 (airlines usually charge € 25 each way), children between 2 and 12 years can take advantage of a 20% discount on the total travel price and children between the ages of 12 and 18 pay the same price as an adult.
If you wish to travel with children under the age of 12, please let us know by email at info@blindfoldtravel.com. We would like to know because it may be necessary to organize some extra paperwork. This way you will be sure that you can travel safely with your children.

If you are under the age of 18, you will need to have at least one accompanying adult and you will need to provide written consent from your parents or guardians. We believe your safety is important and as we do not have a Blindfold Travel Consultant on site, we are unable to guarantee the safety of a minor.
If you are 17 and 18 at the time of departure, then you can book.
If you turn 18 during the trip then you will need to be accompanied by someone who is at least 18 years old and must therefore take care of the booking.

Our prices do not include the tourist tax; it varies from country to country and even from city to city. The reason we don’t include it is that we can’t, as hotels are required to collect the tax upon their guests’ arrival.
Normally the amount of this tax is a few euros per night.

Fear of heights and other issues of this type can greatly influence your trip, so we would like to know in advance: the booking questionnaire has a special field in which you can enter further information. We take it very seriously, so you can rest assured that you will have a beautiful personalized experience.

You don’t have to worry, health comes first. We will make sure to let you know well in advance whether you will need any vaccinations or not.

We only book to destinations that do not endanger the health of travelers.
We choose from the list of destinations that are not considered “red” by the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control).
If you want more security you can always tell us which countries you don’t want to go to. We will always find a wonderful destination that reflects your wishes.

No problem! In the questionnaire there is a special section to let us know your restrictions, otherwise you can always write to info@blindfoldtravel.com and we will make sure to select suitable options for your trip!

To be covered for all types of risks and to be sure of compensation in the event of a serious delay, take out travel cancellation insurance yourself.

Make sure you read the conditions of the policy carefully, because there are the policies in which you are compensated before traveling and the policies in which you are compensated when you are already traveling.

Does anything happen before you leave? Most insurances will compensate for the unused travel day with a delay of at least 8 hours. For example, typically, with a delay of between 8 and 20 hours, you are likely to be compensated for 1 day. With a delay of 20 to 32 hours, you could be refunded for 2 days. A delay that lasts more than 32 hours can give rise to a refund of 3 days.

What is the amount of compensation per person? A possible compensation could be the sum of the travel per person divided by the number of travel days. This number would then be multiplied by the unused travel days.

If the flight is postponed for a day by the airline you may have to incur additional expenses for the stay. If you have travel insurance, you will likely be compensated for these.